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Ontario Landlords Association: “I Guess We Were Naive – Part One”

August 11th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Landlord and Tenant Board, Ontario Landlords Association

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An excellent story posted at the Ontario Landlords Association homepage.

It’s the beginning of a story of a compassionate and care landlord who rented her house out to a single Mum with kids.

It’s called “I Guess We Were Naive.”

It’s a MUST-READ story for all landlords.

Here’s how it started

This Ontario landlord didn’t have any problems with her tenant for months.

Things changed when the tenant’s boyfriend moved in.

The tenant and her boyfriend refused to pay for fines issued by the municipality for their having bond fires during the fire ban season.

The landlord took responsible action to their behaviour by cancelling their fire permit.

The tenants response to this responsible landlord action: they began putting their garbage right in the middle of the lawn instead of on the curb.

The bylaw official in charge of the area finally gave up on dealing with the uncooperative tenants and went to…guess who…the property owner/landlord.

The landlord served the tenant an N5.

While the tenant tried to clean up, her boyfriend came and went into a rage and ripped all the bag open resulting in garbage and stinky baby diapers spread all over the lawn.

The tenant gave notice she would move.

The landlord accepted it expecting all problems to be resolved.

Think again.

This was only the beginning of the landlord’s problems with the tenant and her boyfriend from hell.

In the next few months:

The tenants refused showing to prospective tenants. The tenant told the landlord’s husband to **** off.

The landord went down later in the day to find out what was going on, and she told me that they had not yet found a place that they could afford, and therefore “might” not be moving.

The landlord repeatedly, I told her, you MUST let her know by tomorrow if she wanted to stay – repeatedly the tenant agreed. Right before the landlord left, she again re-iterated that she needed to know by the following day, and that if she did not hear from her, the landlord would assume that the tenancy would end on the 30th, and would proceed with the showing on the 29th

Not a peep from the tenant on the 28th.

When the showed up as per the notice on the 29th  with prospective tenant in tow the tenant had a new friend to help her abuse the landlord-  a foul-mouthed friend who spouted off at length about their “right” to stay and to not to pay any rent before she proceeded to threaten to have her Rottweiler attack the landlord.

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