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Newmarket Landlords, Aurora Landlords – Help Tenants Find You and Avoid Fake Landlords

September 3rd, 2013 · No Comments · Aurora landlords, Newmarket landlords

Newmarket landlord Aurora landlord online scame basement apartment

We know there are lots of lots of challenges for landlords in Ontario.

The reality is tenants also face challenges. Although the challenges aren’t always with their ‘real landlord.’

Not their ‘real landlord’? What does that mean?

Fake Landlord Scams

According to an article at the Barrie Landlords website, one tenant from Newmarket, Ontario fell victim to a tricky online scam while looking for an affordable basement rental apartment in Newmarket and Aurora.

Nasty, Nasty, Nasty

In this case, the lady looking for a rental apartment didn’t only lose money.

The scam preyed on her desire to find a nice rental property, in a nice area, for a rent that was affordable for her.

How Do These Scams Operate?

Newmarket and Aurora aren’t the only places these online scams pop up.

We have seen them everywhere from Edmonton, Alberta to Muskoka.

1. OPP Warns of Cottage Rental Scam in Ontario

2. Edmonton Tenants and Landlords Under Attack From Online Scammers

Who Is The Real Aurora Landlord?

In this case the fake landlord advertised a basement apartment in a nice area of Aurora. 

The rent was only $600/month. This is very low for good rental units in Aurora or Newmarket.

The interested renter emailed the landlord in the online ad for more information. She received a reply and instructions on how to get started.

The ‘landlord’ said he lived in Europe because of a change of jobs. This meant he couldn’t meet the renter and show her the place.

He said the pictures online described the property and requested first and last be sent in return for the keys and a lease.

How Did This End?

After the money was sent, the ‘landlord’ requested another $600 for fees associated with getting the keys and lease to her in Canada.

Once the fee was paid the ‘landlord’ ended all communication with the interested tenant.

If you are a tenant in Newmarket or Aurora, be careful. If you are an Aurora Landlord or a Newmarket Landlord make sure you help potential tenants know you are real.

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