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Ontario Landlords Association – New Blog

October 28th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Ontario Landlords Association

 Ontario Landlords Association

Ontario Landlords Association – New Blog To Focus On Important News and Key Questions and Answers

Ontario Landlords News is here to help Ontario landlords find key landlord stories from across the province.

Whether it’s the latest story on landlord licensing in Hamilton, help for landlords in Kingston or facts about dangerous pet causing challenges for landlords in Mississauga we are here to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Ontario Landlords Association – The Blog

The Ontario Landlords Association has created a new blog site.

The purpose of the site is to make sure important news for Ontario landlords gets scene.

With the number one landlord forum in Canada and being recognized as an important voice for private residential landlords, things move fast on the OLA site.

What Are Some Of the Latest Key Stories, News and Questions?

There is an incredible amount of great information at the Ontario Landlord Forum

Here’s just some of the latest:

1. Full Tenant Credit Checks

The Ontario Landlords Association now offers members access to full tenant credit checks.

Most credit check companies give you very little information on their credit checks.

Some charge you like you are getting something helpful and don’t even offer you a score!

The Ontario Landlords Association is partnered with GARDA to offer you the information you REALLY need for tenant screening.

All at low cost.

2. An Ontario Landlord Asks “Is Divorce Five Years Ago A Valid Excuse for Bad Credit”?

Keeping with the theme of tenant screening and the importance of credit checks, a landlord asks this very important question.

Read the informative answers here.

3. An Ottawa Landlord Recommends Tenant Criminal Checks Be Part of Your Tenant Screening

This Ottawa landlord recommends tenant credit checks and tenant criminal checks as part of a thorough tenant screening system.

With lots of good tenants out there, and also lots of bad tenants around, this Ottawa landlord won’t take any chances.

The Ontario Landlords Association Blog will delve into these and other questions to help landlords across Ontario succeed!

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