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Landlord Success: Review of Ontario Landlords Association

November 16th, 2013 · No Comments · Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Ontario Landlords Association Review by Landlord Success

The Ontario Landlords Association Is Excellent and Offers Landlords What They Need to Succeed

Let’s face it.

It’s not easy being a successful small business residential landlord in Ontario.

This has been discussed here before.

Bad Tenants

The Ontario Residential Tenancies Act is against landlords.

The Landlord and Tenant Board can take at least three months (and up to a year or more) just to evict a tenant who won’t pay rent!

There are lots of good tenants in Ontario who want to rent your property.

There are also lots of bad tenants who know how to manipulate the faulty Ontario system and want to get into YOUR rental property.

The Ontario Landlords Association Helps Landlords

Some groups claim to help small landlords but many real non-corporate landlords say they really don’t help very much.

So where can small business landlords find news, advice and help?

Where can small residential landlords get low cost tenant credit checks, criminal checks, great leases and more to help them succeed?

The Ontario Landlords Association is designed to assist small residential landlords succeed.

Are they really helpful?

Yes. Very helpful.

And the people who profit from landlord problems (and get paid to help landlords in trouble) are not not happy.

Landlordsuccess.ca Gives A Review of the Ontario Landlords Association

Landlords Success did a great job in reviewing the OLA .

The Ontario Landlords Association Helps Ontario Landlords

Why Are There Some People Who Say the Ontario Landlords Association is Bad?

The Landlordsuccess.ca blog states they will discuss this more in their “Ontario Landlords Association Review Part 2.”

They hint at some of the reasons.

They include jealousy from the older, ineffective associations.

And some people who are very happy to profit from small Ontario landlords in trouble (and charge huge fees) are worried about losing ‘blood money’ profits from the backs of small landlords in trouble.

After all, educated Ontario Landlords won’t need to hire expensive property managers or paralegals or lawyers.

They will learn and do things themselves!

Landlord Success Gives an A+ To the Ontario Landlords Association and will reveal why there are some negative commentators out there!

The Review So Far

Landlord Success says the Ontario Landlords Association offers amazing tools for Ontario landlords.

And they only charge a low one-time unlike all the other so-called ‘landlord associations’ out there.

The negative reviews are from a tiny group of jealous, mostly non-landlords, who are worried their former power, influence, and money-making schemes are in jeopardy.

The Ontario Government Recognizes the Ontario Landlords Association

The Landlordsuccess.ca report always states the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing not only recognize the great work the Ontario Landlords Association is doing, they recommend them!

With all the networking and tools and services for landlords, you might expect the government who makes the rules would be unhappy.

That isn’t the case.

Even the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing applauded the work the Ontario Landlords Association was doing.

They even wrote:

“The Ministry greatly values the role that the Ontario Landlords Association and it’s members play in providing quality, affordable rental housing in Ontario.”

The Ministry continues:

“(The Ministry) recognizes that the OLA provides an important voice for small private residential landlords.”

Ontario Landlords the Ontario Landlords Association is Your Path for Success!

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