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Scarborough Landlords – Landlords Ask What Rights Do They Have?

January 2nd, 2014 · No Comments · Ontario Landlord Rights, Scarborough landlords

Scarborough landlords association

A recent news story has Scarborough landlords questioning what rights they have as landlords in Ontario.

If that seems like a strange question wait until you see what brought it about.

A news report in the Toronto Sun is a must read for all landlords in Scarborough.

A Chinese lady and her Mother own a 9 unit, 2 story rental building near McCowan Road and McNicoll Road.

The property is well run.

As part of Asian tradition every tenant is required to put on slippers in the property after they take off their normal shoes and place them in rack in the foyer of the rental building.

The price for a room averages $450 per month which is a good price in the area.

Tenant Problem

Similar to situations that face landlords all over, from Ottawa landlords to London landlords and the rest of Ontario, the Mother and Daughter team have tenant problems.

The landlords rented to a tenant who has Tourettes Syndrome.

They don’t discriminate and rented to the gentleman after he agreed to follow the rental ‘House Rules.’

These rules include wearing slippers and not disturbing others in building.

New Tenant Disturbs Landlord’s Mother

The new tenant rented a room which is directly below the room the landlord’s Mother lives in.

After moving in, the landlord’s Mother found the new tenant was making enough noise to prevent her from being able to sleep at night.

They explained the situation to the new tenant, and since a lack of sleep is a serious health risk for an elderly person, they asked the tenant to find a new rental property and move out.

Did The Tenant Appreciate the Mother’s Health Risks and Move Out?


The landlords didn’t discriminate against the tenant for having his syndrome.


The tenant should have realized that while he is not to blame for his syndrome, his behavior was harming the health of the landlord’s elderly Mother. He should have realized this and voluntarily moved.

Instead he contacted the Toronto Sun.

In the Sun article the landlords are called ‘villains’ who should ‘give the tenant a break.’

In the comments section many people were calling for the tenant to ‘get revenge against the landlord.’

What About Some Concern For the Landlord’s Elderly Mother?

The report didn’t show any concern at all.

The thickness of the walls were criticized. The health concerns the landlord had for her elderly Mother were mocked.

After all, in Ontario it’s “always the landlords fault” according to the blog at Scarborough landlords.

To Discuss this and other issues go to the Ontario Landlord Forum.

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