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Ontario Landlords Association Review (Excellent and Helpful for Landlords!)

March 16th, 2014 · No Comments · Landlord credit check, landlord legal, Ontario Landlords Association

 Ontario Landlords Association Review ontariolandlords.org

Toronto Landlords Recommend Becoming a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association

A post at the Toronto Landlords site gives great advice for small residential landlords in Toronto and landlords all over Ontario.

The site looks at ways landlords can learn how to protect themselves from all the professional tenants out there.

The evidence of these professional tenants is all over.

Even Toronto Star has reports of bad tenants out there.

This even has led to some landlords to sell their residential properties and buy commercial property. 

These Ottawa Landlords have had enough of the anti-landlord rules in Ontario.

Supreme Court Judge in Ontario Weighs In

Even a Supreme Court judge called the Landlord and Tenant Board unfair for landlords.

Take a look at this Toronto Sun story were Judge Matlow calls out the Ontario government to make changes.

And make changes to make things more fair for Ontario Landlords!

Toronto Landlords Review of the Ontario Landlords Association (OLA)

The Toronto landlords blog explained the history of the OLA.

It was a small group of small landlords looking to network and finally provide a voice for small landlords.

This voice had never existed before the Ontario Landlords Association started.

After the Ontario Landlords Association became popular the trolls were quick to attack and corporate groups like the FRPO were quick to feel threatened.

Great Services for Small landlords

We have seen other amazing services for small landlords.

For example, the BC Landlords Association offers great deals for British Columbia landlords.

Alberta landlords also finally have access to affordable, high quality landlord services and tools to succeed.

Ontario Landlords and Success

The Ontario Landlords Association Review highly recommends membership.

Why Should I Become a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association?

You get a huge amount of service for only a one-time fee.

Not only do you get a complete rental kit.

You also get guidebooks and manuals.

Landlord Credit Checks

You also get a HUGE SAVINGS on landlord credit checks.

You get signed up with great companies such as Equifax, TVS and GARDA to do landlord credit checks for a huge discount.

Ontario Landlords Association Review

Become a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association and you will get landlord solutions.

The use their tools and services will help you to find great tenants for your rental property!

Become an Ontario Landlords member for only a one time fee here!

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