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Canada Landlord Credit Checks: Rent to Good Tenants

June 10th, 2014 · No Comments · Canada landlords credit check, Tenant Credit Check

 Canada landlords tenant credit check ontario landlord tenant from hell

What is happening to an Ontario Landlord who is Dealing With a Tenant From Hell is showing Canada landlords the importance of credit checks when choosing tenants for their rental property

There is a huge new landlord and tenant story in the Toronto Star about the Tenant From Hell Nina Willis.

And yes, it’s posted in the ‘Crime’ section.

From the story it looks like the Tenant from Hell is now living rent free and delaying the eviction process from her seventh small landlord since 2005.

Are Landlords Worried?

This story has garnered a huge amount of attention at the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

A landlord has posted about her own “Tenant From Hell” and even provided a time-line of the nightmare she is going through.

She says that the Star “Tenant From Hell” isn’t the only one out there and warned landlords that after months her tenants are finally being evicted and on the look-out for their next victim.

Toronto Landlords

As Nina Willis keeps searching for landlords to be suckers in their area, it’s also gained the attention of the Toronto landlords site where they advice landlords to:

1. Always be careful who you rent to

2. Check references carefully

3. Don’t believe the tenant’s story

4. Never fall for the charms of charismatic tenants

5. Always run credit checks to confirm the tenant’s story

How Can Ontario Landlords Run Tenant Credit Checks?

Landlords are recommended to check out the Ontario Landlord Credit Check site for more information on the importance of credit checks.

Canada Landlords and Tenant Credit Checks

It’s not only Ontario landlords who are facing serious tenant challenges.

BC Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

BC landlords are facing serial bad tenants who are similar to the Ontario Tenant From Hell.

These BC tenants have caused thousands of dollars in losses to six difference small landlords in only two years!

It’s making landlords wake up to the important of tenant screening and going to the BC Landlord Credit Check site for information.

Alberta Grow Ops

Even Alberta landlords are facing challenges from tenants with grow-ops leading to financial destruction for landlords.

Landlords there are going to the Alberta Landlord Credit Check site to learn how to protect themselves and their investment.

Canada Landlord Credit Checks

It’s not only landlords in Ontario who are facing major challenges in 2014.

Wherever you are make sure you conduct tenant credit checks to make sure your tenant’s stories are verified!

In this day and age a handshake is no longer enough.

And it’s not just in Ontario where landlords are facing tenants from Hell.

Canada Landlords – Make Sure You Do Tenant Credit Checks To Rent To Great Tenants!

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