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How To Be A Successful Ontario Landlord?

February 10th, 2018 · No Comments · ontario landlords

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Avoid Expensive Seminars and Network And Learn From Real Experienced and Successful Landlords Who Have Been “In The Trenches” for Decades (And Have Successful and Profitable Businesses!)

It seems like landlords are under attack in Ontario these days. One of the biggest issues is about the legalization of marijuana. Tenants in Ontario will be able to not only smoke marijuana in their rental units, they will be allowed to have small grow ops. All legal and there will be little the landlord can do.

There is also the issue of the new Ontario Standard Lease.

The tenant activists are gloating over it and one of the tenant activist leaders was even on the stage with the Minister of Housing when this was announced. Fortunately, Ontario landlords sent thousands of “comments” to the Ministry and created “additional” space for Ontario landlords to keep creating legal clauses.

How Can Ontario Landlords Succeed in 2018?

There are a zillion so-called “experts” out there who are happy to take your money and lecture you.

But how many of these experts actually have rental properties of their own? If they were such experts they would invest in rentals and make huge profits, right?

And since they are experts they would know how maneuver around the system and run a successful rental business.

How To Be a Successful Ontario Landlord?

Don’t try to reinvest the wheel.

Learn from landlords who have been in the industry for years and continue to run successful Ontario rental property businesses. Avoid the so-called experts who have never owned a rental property themselves.

Like the old saying goes “If you teach you teach, if you do you do”.  Make sure you learn from successful landlords who have been in the trenches and avoid those who say they want to help you but actually profit from landlords in trouble.

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